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[Image: Kathleen Jacobs KUMBA, 2020 Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches (76.2 x 76.2 cm)]

Kathleen Jacobs Exhibition

Fergus McCaffrey, Tokyo


Kathleen Jacobs
Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo presents the exhibition featuring the works of American artist Kathleen Jacobs beginning May 21, 2022. Jacob's works are created by wrapping a canvas around a tree and copying its patterns, incorporating the natural environment in which the tree grows and the process of its transformation into the canvas in the work. Her conceptual paintings, which transcend the boundaries of two-dimensional art, have garnered worldwide attention, and over the course of her 30-year career, Jacobs has exhibited her works in various venues in the United States and abroad.

Reminiscent of Chinese landscape paintings of the early Ming Dynasty, Jacob's minimalist paintings are rooted in her experience of living and studying traditional Chinese art with her former father-in-law, Huang Yongyu, a painter and Chinese living national treasure, from 1984 to 1988. She says taht she was "inspired by the tremendous scale of the paintings and Chinese poetry of the 14th to 16th centuries", and it led to the development of her unique technique of tree frottage.

Her first exhibition in Asia will be held at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo and Cadan Yurakucho. At Fergus McCaffrey, she will mainly exhibit large paintings, while at the Cadan space, she will exhibit relatively small paintings and sculptures created in 2012.


May 21 (Sat) 2022-Jul 16 (Sat) 2022 

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Monday, Sunday, Holidays

Opening Reception May 21 (Sat) 2022 17:00 - 19:00

VenueFergus McCaffrey, Tokyo
Location3-5-9 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Access3 minute walk from exit A3 at Omotesando Station on the Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda lines. 11 minute walk from exit 5 at Meiji-jingumae Station on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin lines.
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