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Digital Art Week 2022 - Exhibition

Shinwa Privé Gallery


Orlan, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Jahan Loh, The Jayder, Elisa Insua, Justin Lee, Kesson, Mojoko, Riniifish, Manabu Koga, Warren Wee, Saki Onoue
This event, the second of its kind following the first one held in February this year, will conclude the year 2022 with an exhibition of works by renowned artists from Japan and abroad, and for those who cannot come to Japan, a virtual gallery service called "Shinwa Space Ship" will be launched to allow visitors to view the works from anywhere in the world. The works exhibited in the virtual gallery will be different from those shown in the actual exhibition venue. All works will be available for purchase both at the exhibition venue and at the Metaverse Gallery.

Digital Art Week 2022 is curated by Warren Wee and built on a renewed interest in space exploration and inspired by NASA's November 16, 2022, launch of Artemis 1 with the goal of building a lunar base. "Shinwa Space Ship" is hosted by "spatial.io" and is an immersive 3D gallery created by Los Angeles and Tokyo-based animation studio GetLit3D based on Shinwa's gallery. The event will allow users to experience a "virtual gallery" that lands on an asteroid in outer space. Users will also be able to fly across the planet, explore the space debris hidden around the spacecraft, watch videos, and view artwork in and around the ship.

As one of the first NFT projects, CryptoPunks is recognized as a pioneer on the NFT scene, laying the groundwork for popular projects such as The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). Manifest is an outgrowth of Crypto advocate Jaye Funk's ownership of CryptoPunks NFT. Jaye has leveraged the intellectual property (IP) of the NFT to achieve monetization of the NFT. He is exploring different creations of the motif and in early October launched Bored and Boozy, the world's first craft beer label to use the BAYC/MAYC NFT. This will be the first release of Manifest in Japan.


Dec 12 (Mon) 2022-Dec 19 (Mon) 2022 

Opening Hours Information

VenueShinwa Privé Gallery
Location1F Ginza Medical Bldg., 7-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Access4 minute walk from exit 5 at Shimbashi Station on the Ginza line. 4 minute walk from exit C3 at Ginza Station on the Ginza, Marunouchi and Hibiya lines. 6 minute walk from the Ginza exit of JR Shimbashi Station.
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