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Meiji and the World of Nishiurayaki

Mino Ceramic Art Museum, Tajimi


Enji Nishiura
During the Meiji era, Nishiurayaki was a brand name, and many were sold as exports to Europe and the United States.

This exhibition was planned to provide visitors with a continuous opportunity to view Nishiurayaki in Tajimi City.

The Meiji government promoted industrial development and encouraged the exhibition of works of art at the World Expositions. Here, the Japanese were exposed to beautiful ceramics that had never before been seen in Japan, such as those produced by the American company Lockwood, which was a world leader at the time. Enji Nishiura was one of the Japanese inspired by these beautiful ceramics.

Nishiura-yaki" refers to pottery produced in Tajimi Town, Toki-gun (present-day Tajimi City) under the leadership of Enji Nishiura III through V since the early Meiji period. Among them, the works called "underglaze painting" produced by Enji Nishiura V from 1897 to 1911 are widely known. Underglaze painting is a technique of applying pictures and patterns in a variety of colors under transparent glaze. Since the colors emerge under the glaze, it is characterized by a softer atmosphere than the clear colors of overglaze paints. In terms of design and shape, many of these ceramics adopted the Art Nouveau style that was popular in Europe in the late Meiji period, and were at the forefront of ceramics of the time, even from a global perspective.

This exhibition focuses on Nishiurayaki ceramics and underglaze ceramics made in the Meiji period, along with other domestic and overseas works from the same period.


Mar 11 (Sat) 2023-Dec 24 (Sun) 2023 

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FeeAdults ¥320; University Students ¥210; High School Students and Under, Persons with Disability Certificates + 1 Companion free.
VenueMino Ceramic Art Museum, Tajimi
Location1-9-27 Higashimachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu 507-0801
AccessFrom the South exit of Tajimi Station on the JR Chuo Main and Taita lines, take the Totetsu bus and get off at Higashicho. The venue is 8 minute walk from there.
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