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Tennoz Art Week

WHAT Museum


Tomoko Mukaiyama, Wow et al.
The program is designed to attract art collectors from Japan and abroad to Art City Tennozu and to connect the art scene in Japan and abroad, thereby revitalizing the art market and promoting international cultural tourism. The collaboration between Tokyo Gendai and Art City Tennozu will help to boost the art scene in Japan and abroad more dynamically.

1. Tomoko Mukaiyama New Installation Performance “Figurante"
Tomoko Mukaiyama, who has been creating unconventional stage, video, and installation works that cross different themes such as physicality, gender, memory, and ritual with femininity at its core, will present her new work. A pianist, Mukaiyama has always been interested in the relationship with the audience in the time and space in which her works emerge. This work, titled “Figurante" (meaning "an extra" or "an offshoot"), invites the audience to enter a space where the edges of the stage are blurred and the boundaries between the performer and the audience gradually dissolve.
Venue: Terada Warehouse G3-6F
Date & Time: July 8 (Sat) & July 9 (Sun), 16:00-17:00
Admission: 7,000 yen for adults, 3,000 yen for students
Reservations required.
*Children under elementary school age are not allowed to enter for safety reasons.

2. What Museum
Two exhibitions at What Museum, a contemporary art collector's museum operated by Terada Warehouse (Ryutaro Takahashi Collection “Art de Cha Cha Cha - Exploring the DNA of Japanese Contemporary Art" exhibition, public production: Masayoshi Nojo and the "Architectural Warehouse," where more than 600 architectural models entrusted by architects and design firms are stored and some of them are open to the public for special guided tours. During Tennoz Art Week, the museum will extend its opening hours until 21:00 as a special nighttime opening.
Venue: What Museum
Date & Time: July 7 (Fri.) - 9 (Sun.), 11:00 - 21:00 (last admission until 20:30)
Admission: Regular price
VIPs only on Friday, July 7 from 18:00 to 21:00

3. "CADAN: Contemporary Art 2023"
CADAN: Contemporary Art 2023" is an exhibition organized by CADAN (Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon). Returning to its origins as a showcase for the pure appreciation of contemporary art, each member gallery will present its artists in a solo exhibition format for the second time. Artists and galleries that are at the heart of the contemporary art scene in Japan will all be present.
Venue: What Cafe, T-Lotus M
Date & Time: July 8 (Sat), 9 (Sun) 13:00 - 20:00, July 10 (Mon) 13:00 - 18:00
Admission: 500 yen

4. T-Lotus M "Light Performance by Wow"
During Tennoz Art Week, WOW's installation works "Render" and "Refraction" will be exhibited at Bonded Gallery in the Terrada Art Complex. The work will attempt to confront the images created by abstracting and projecting the light, lines, and boundaries that emerge through the unraveling of visual information.
Venue: T-Lotus M
Dates: July 7 (Fri.) - 9 (Sun.) 18:30 - 22:00
Admission: 500 yen *Free after 20:00


Jul 7 (Fri) 2023-Jul 10 (Mon) 2023 

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VenueWHAT Museum
Location2-6-10 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Access3 minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station on the Tokyo Monorail line. 2 minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station on the Rinkai line; From the Konan exit of JR Shinagawa Station, take the Toei #98 bus towards Ota-shijo, and get off at Shintoukaibashi.
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