10 Things in Tokyo: May 2018

Events and exhibitions happening this month in Tokyo and beyond

poster for Koinobori Now! Installation by Reiko Sudo, Adrien Gardère and Seiichi Saito

Koinobori Now! Installation by Reiko Sudo, Adrien Gardère and Seiichi Saito

at The National Art Center, Tokyo
in the Roppongi, Nogizaka area
Ends in 7 days

poster for All Around Yusuke Nakamura

All Around Yusuke Nakamura

at Parco Museum
in the Tokyo: Others area
Closes Today

poster for Mieko Tadokoro “Paris - Another Point of View”

Mieko Tadokoro “Paris - Another Point of View”

at Gallery Bauhaus
in the Chiyoda area
Ends in 26 days

poster for Tomoo Gokita “Peekaboo”

Tomoo Gokita “Peekaboo”

at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
in the Shinjuku area
Ends in 34 days

poster for Sachiko Kazama “Dyslympia 2680”

Sachiko Kazama “Dyslympia 2680”

at Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels
in the Kanto: others area
Ends in 48 days

poster for Yoshihiro Suda “Mite Clematis”

Yoshihiro Suda “Mite Clematis”

at The Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum
in the Kanto: others area
Ends in 162 days

In Features Main Article 3 by Jennifer Pastore 2018-05-02

Louise Bourgeois's 1999 bronze sculpture Maman wrapped in fabric by Magda Sayeg in a temporary installation at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, April-May 2018

Roppongi Art Night once again offers 32 hours of non-stop festivity centered around Tokyo Midtown. The Mori Art Museum and other sites will stay open all night with art, design, music, performance, and other creative happenings. This year’s program is headed by Teppei Kaneuji, Kengo Kito, and Ujino – a trio of installation artists promising their own unique vision on the theme “The City Dreams of Art.” A singing tower, a moving sculpture, and a colorful cloth waterfall are all in the works. From 10:00 on May 26 until 18:00 on May 27.

All Around Yusuke Nakamura showcases an illustrator known for distinctively vibrant portraits of people (often female protagonists) as they gaze determinedly off to the left beyond the frame. Nakamura’s work has graced the covers of novels and alt-rock albums, and now Parco Museum in Ikebukuro brings around 150 of his illustrations to Kanto after the same show drew impressive crowds in his native Kansai last year. Ends May 21.

Even if you can’t fly your own carp streamer on Children’s Day (May 5), you can still enjoy the festive sight of 300 of them at Koinobori Now!, a project by textile master Reiko Sudo, exhibition designer Adrien Gardère, and Rhizomatiks technician Seiichi Saito. Take in the fanciful view of these fabric fish that encourage kids to be strong and swim upstream suspended over The National Art Center, Tokyo’s 2000 sq.-meter gallery. You can also fash

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