DIVVY/dual Project #1 "Is Open Source Art Possible?" Open Salon

NTT ICC Inter Communication Center


Noboru Tsubaki, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Dominick Chen, Takumi Endo, Hiroo Yamagata
"Di`vid´uu`al: Divided, shared, or participated in, in common with others."
DIVVY/dual Project #1 is the first edition of a new series of events aimed at building a platform to re-connect the different agents involved in creative acts: the builder (artist / creator), the mediator (curator / organizer), and the crowd that contemplate the resulting work (audience). This first edition will consider how Open-Source principles borrowed from the software world could challenge the current art world and the relationships between its agents.
Those Open Source principles were originally created to define a new process of software development by publishing the program source code and thus letting the general public freely read, modify, and redistribute the program. This process, supported by licenses that legally allow users to make these modifications, leads to the formation of communities that together work to enhance those softwares beyond what many consider the boundaries afforded by isolated corporate environments. Today, softwares developed under Open Source licences power a significant portion of all the electronic equipment we use everyday, be it computers, web browsers, operating systems, electronic products etc...
The same idea has been translated into the world of culture, with significant movements such as the Creative Commons. Here too, a license deliberately gives away some of the copyrights to the public so that the users can freely remix and share contents (image, movie, music) in order to achieve a higher state of expression that is not reachable by a solitary operation.
The project aims to research / discuss / propose a framework where the traditional schema of “sender / receiver” is broken down into a connectable relation between artists and the public, so that they can collaboratively build upon each other’s commitment.

This first edition includes the exhibition "Type-Trace" by artist Takumi Endo at the Space Kobo & Tomo in Ginza as well as this symposium called "Is Open-Source Art possible?" held at the NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] which recently reopened under the concept of “Art x Communication = Open!”. The talk session will serve as a space to discuss how Art and Communication can be updated around the idea of Openness, how the relationship between the so-called ‘artists’ and the ‘audience’ could be redefined and what could be the possible consequences of the massive opening and sharing of creative processes.
Guest panelists include the social artist Noboru Tsubaki (UNboy, Radikal Dialogue), art strategist Kiyoshi Kusumi (ex-editor in chief of the monthly “BT” magazine), translator of numerous "Open-Source/ Creative Commons" related texts Hiroo Yamagata, with Dominick Chen (director of ICC's open video archive, HIVE) as the moderator. Furthermore, this first edition's exhibiting artist Takumi Endo will also participate in the discussion.

[Project Organizer: Gadago NPO]
[Sponsored by Mozilla Japan. Mozilla is a leading global Open-Source software project featuring the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client, with 60 million users worldwide.]

NOTE: this talk is only in Japanese, but its transcript and videos will be translated to English and made available on the Project's homepage mid-October. Thank you for your patience.


Sep 24 (Sun) 2006-Sep 24 (Sun) 2006 

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