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This exhibition takes as its starting point the concept of the “display school of art”. This concept has been used mainly in the context of post-Internet art to refer to artwork that deals with the imagery and materiality of liquid crystal displays, as well as the people who create them. This exhibition will re-examine this “displayist” approach not in the context of post-Internet art, but in terms of the presence of an installer, someone who installs image data in the exhibition space.
By doing so, the possibility that digital image data, which is usually reproducible, can be fixed in the exhibition space and become “unique” - in other words, a unique state. In other words, the possibility of a unique state, and the structure of the relationship between the exhibition planner/artist/installer, etc. that makes image data “only so” in an exhibition.

The works will be produced by artists born between 1994 and 1999, a generation that is heavily influenced by the buzzword “post-Internet art,” but whose sense of the “Internet” is different from that of post-Internet art.

Eight artists (Akio Onishi, Haruka Ochiai, Dave Kabata, Dolphin Feeling, Momoko Negishi, Rintaro Fuse, Shujiro Yagi, and Azusa Yamaguchi) have created their own works, and the exhibition is planned and installed in the exhibition space by Filio, a display installation company run by Naoki Takehisa, Hiiragi Yonezawa, Shibashin, and Tatsuya Usui.

A booklet is also scheduled to be published in conjunction with the exhibition. In this booklet, in addition to Filio, works by Maami Hidaka, Shibata (PC Music Club), Filma (Chicken Ushio + Rioha Nishimura), cha-bow, and others will be installed in order to examine what it means for image data to be “just that” in the first place.

This exhibition will reconsider the framework of the exhibition from the perspective of installation, and explore the possibility of “display” in the exhibition.



from July 07, 2021 to July 25, 2021



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