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«MuPon» 2016 Release – An App for Art Event Discounts

Take the chance to download the app at a specially discounted price throughout December and begin your days of ready access to art museums and art events!

MuPon” is an iOS/Android app dedicated to giving you special discounts at key art museums, movie theaters and art events around the Kanto region. We are pleased to announce the release of the 2016 version for both iOS and Android! With this app your world of art museums, art fairs, local art events, film, performance and more will be expanded even further, with a whole assortment of discounts to be had. A must for any art fan!

For a limited time only this app will itself be available at a special discount price, with the 1080 yen cost being reduced to 840 yen throughout December 2015, and the app being valid all the way until the end of 2016.

Up until now over 100,000 people have used the MuPon app to gain special access to art events around Tokyo and beyond!! We are really grateful for everyone’s continued use of this app. This year the number of active users has also increased by 80%. We would like to send our thanks from all the TAB team and hope that even further people will again take up the urge to freely visit art events in around the region through our services.

What is MuPon?

MuPon is a smartphone application which supplies users with all the latest information on key art events and exhibitions around Tokyo and the wider region, with discounts available on all features. Such popular venues as Mori Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo are amongst a dynamic list of art museums which frequently offer discounts via MuPon. But of course it is not only those big institutions offering reduced admissions, but also art fairs, local events, performances, and more, with a selection of engaging events across all genres. We don’t just limit ourselves to Tokyo either. For example, in the summer of 2015 we also made a highlight of exciting events around the country, with a key focus upon the Kansai region, which certainly went down well with our users.

If you download MuPon in your iPhone…               
You can see a whole list of art events. Which one will you go to?
You can check the details through the app and then enjoy all the discounts!

Key Functions to Please Art Fans

While you have the chance to check all the latest art event information, the app also has various functions specifically developed from the perspective of art fans. Amongst these functions the event start and end alerts have gained particularly strong praise! In addition there are small features like the “Closed” mark which appears on days venues are not open, preventing that not so infrequent pattern of heading out to some exhibition and realizing it is shut that day. This all comes together to enable you make your way to art events whenever the will takes you.

If you want to tell someone about what you have seen you can share your experiences from MuPon direct to Twitter, Facebook and Line. In some cases there are even discounts available for 2-3 people so you can invite your friends and enjoy the events together. Who knows, it might even be a chance to build new ties through art! If you are more the type to go out alone you can collect the records of the different events you have attended like a stamp rally. In this way, MuPon is an app designed especially to broaden the ways in which to enjoy art events.

Press the “Share” button
And share with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Line!
This way everyone can see the events you’ve been to.

The Voice of Users

We are really keen to hear how everyone uses the app and discover how convenient it has been. Here we introduce a number of user comments which have been posted on the App Store review of MuPon 2015.

“As it is valid for the whole year, I thought it would be good value for money and downloaded the app. I soon had a chance to test it out and it proved to be very easy and convenient to use” (NoArtNoLife)

“I used it last year and it turned out to quite good so I downloaded it again this year. You get alerts to new information so you get to know about events you may have overlooked and you can often use the discounts with friends too, so in all I’m quite pleased with it. If you try to get your money’s worth from it then MuPon really becomes an opportunity to open your art horizons!” (limona55)

“The icons are really cute! And it’s well worth the download fee, so I buy it every year.” (Pon)

“I purchased it for the first time, and the museum ticket desks recognized it immediately, making the app very easy to use. I am someone who frequently visits museums so it is a great help” (Kikiyama)

“I bought it when I went to Tokyo over Golden Week. Even in the Kansai area too there are sometimes events I can use MuPon for. Having finished my studies I have very little spare time and so I often failed to buy discounted advance tickets and just as my motivation for going out was waning I found this new stimulus! It would be great to use in many different regions of Japan!” (raymae)

Special Sale: The 2016 version is on special offer throughout December!

The usual price of MuPon’s 2016 version, 1080 yen, is being specially discounted throughout December to the bargain figure of 840 yen. The sooner you download the better! All downloads are valid until 31st December 2016. MuPon of course plans to offer you an even further array of information and discounts in 2016. So let’s enjoy our rounds of art events with a great deal!

You can check the events currently offering discounts through MuPon here.

1080 yen → 840 yen Sale!
Download your 2016 version of Mupon, valid for the whole year!

If you would just like to test out the app to see what all the fuss is about then we also have the answer for you. We are offering the 2015 version (valid until 31st December 2015) for free download. Why not try it out? (for iOS only) There is not much time left, but with all of these events selected especially by Tokyo Art Beat then you have the chance to access a whole host of discounts, making it perfect as a trial!

Click here for your free MuPon 2015 trial version!


Natsuki Morooka

Natsuki Morooka

Mupon Manager in Tokyo Art Beat