Posted:Dec 9, 2022

Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023 Program Announced

From advanced technology to astrology, Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2023 is scheduled from February 3 to February 19 next year.

Lu Yang, DOKU—Lu Yang’s digital Reincarnation 2020– (ongoing project) [related image] Cooperation: SPIRAL / Wacoal Art Center Image courtesy the artist

Since 2009, Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions has been exploring visual expressions and the nature of “imagery.” Fifteen’s edition will open from February 3 to February 19, 2023, under the theme “Technology?”.

Photography, film, video, and animation – are all everyday forms of imagery developed since the 19th century. Although common for our generation, it is hard to determine how high-definition movies will be perceived by the people who live 100 years from now. This year’s edition questions by whom technology criteria are determined. It also marks the start of various new programs, including the “Commission Project,” in which four artists based in Japan are selected and commissioned to create a new work for the exhibition. Artists selected for this year’s program are Yu Araki, Rei Hayama, Insook Kim, and Hiroyuki Oki.

Yu Araki New work 2023 [related image] ©2022 Yu Araki
Rei Hayama Hollow-Hare-Wallaby 2023 [related image] ©2022 Rei Hayama
Insook Kim Eye to Eye 2023 [related image] ©2022 Insook Kim
Hiroyuki Oki meta dramatic, 2023 [related image] ©2022 Hiroyuki Oki Courtesy of ANOMALY

The themed exhibition on the relationship between art and technology will feature works by Yang Lu, Houxo Que, Mayumi Hosokura, Noriko Koshida, Jikken Kobo (Experimental Workshop), Shozo Kitadai, and Fiona Tan. In addition, Asao Tokolo, Tomoki Hiramoto, and Kota Iguchi will present sculptures based on the drone animations used at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

An unusual festival feature is the Astrological Festival Guide by astrologer Ryuji Kagami, in which he recommends displays based on astrologically concluded characteristics of star signs. 

Jikken Kobo Automatic slides projection The Adventures of Test Pilot W.S’s Eyes 1953/1986 Private Collection  
Asao Tokolo Tomoki Hiramoto Kota Iguchi FORMING SPHERES 2023 [related image]

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