Last Updated:Jul 26, 2010

21 21 DESIGN SIGHT iPhone app

Another arty app for your iPhone!

Roppongi museum 21 21 Design Sight has got its own iPhone / iPod app, available now from the iTunes store for free.

The app allows you to take photos with the distinctive logo of the venue emblazoned inside the image.

The 21 21 Design Sight iPhone and iPod app

According to the press release, “incorporating a design perspective into everyday scenery allows the 21 21 Design Sight concept to be easily experienced.”

The Seiichi Hishikawa-created app also gives you info on the venue’s facilities and schedule, broadcasts news updates, as well as allowing you to make reservations for certain events.

There’s a special feature as part of the current “The Definition of Self” exhibition too. If you’re a Japanese speaker you can answer a series of questions to “eventually reveal the nature of [your] attributes.” Probably only recommended for the brave, then…

For more details, visit the 21 21 Design Sight website.


William Andrews

William Andrews

William Andrews came to Japan in 2004. He first lived in Osaka, where he was a translator for Kansai Art Beat. Arriving in Tokyo in 2008, he now works as an writer, editor and translator. He writes a blog about Japanese radicalism and counterculture (<a href=""></a>) and one about Tokyo contemporary theatre (<a href=""></a>). He is the author of <em>Dissenting Japan: A History of Japanese Radicalism and Counterculture, from 1945 to Fukushima</em>.