Last Updated:Oct 29, 2011

ArtGigTokyo2: Tokyo’s Halloween art happening

A site-specific, twelve-hour interactive art event in an abandoned building…

Looking for a place to get dressed up and scared with an artist twist? Look no further than “ArtGigTokyo2”!

Following the first installment, subtitled “Dirty! Dirty! Sex! Sex!” in Shinjuku’s Ni-chome earlier this year, the next event in this public art series is happening on October 30 at an abandoned hospital in Hatsudai, central Tokyo.

Themed “Mummy, I am SCARRRED!” the event will be held in darkness so bring a flashlight unless you really want to experience lots of surprises. It’s free to get in and will also feature a raffle with prizes from TAB and others. The fun starts at noon and goes on until midnight!

Jack McLean, 'Sad-Clown and The Lovely Assistant' (2011)
Photo: Jon Ellis

There will be installations, performance art and stage performances by some fifteen international artists, hidden around the location’s decaying basement rooms, walls, CT scan room, kitchen and even the crematorium. The organizers have promised a “creepy and surreal” experience. Participants include: Satoru Aoyama, Jack McLean, Jim Lambie, Ken Kagami, Chim Pom, and Dennis Da Silva + Ronnie West.

There is also a Polaroid costume competition so visitors are encouraged to go dressed up. Whether you will be able to see each other’s outlandish costumes is another question altogether!

If you are into haikyo or urban ruin then this might well be the event you always dreamed about (though possibly only in your nightmares!).

ArtGigTokyo2: “Mummy, I am SCARRRED!”
October 30 (Sunday)
Location: Tamai Hospital, 1-4-1 Honmachi Shibuya-ku


William Andrews

William Andrews

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