Posted:Nov 26, 2021

Tokyo Art Beat has been completely renewed! From Tokyo to all of Japan and even easier to use!

Tokyo Art Beat now includes more articles on art and culture than ever before. Our trademark pink logo has also been redesigned.

Tokyo Art Beat is an art media company founded in 2004. On November 24, 2021, Tokyo Art Beat's website and app will be completely redesigned for the first time since its launch. Tokyo Art Beat has been reborn to make art more accessible and deeply understood.

New features

(1) A fun and intuitive design that allows you to quickly find the exhibitions you want to visit

In addition to the "Popular Events" section, which allows you to see at a glance which exhibitions and events are currently attracting attention, Tokyo Art Beat's editorial team has carefully curated the "Recommended Events of the Week" and the "Current Topics" sections, which allow you to select exhibitions and events based on keywords that interest you. The new categories are a shortcut to finding the exhibitions you want to visit. The website is now more intuitive and user-friendly. The most recent six events that have been viewed are saved in the "Recently Checked Events" section.

(2) Nationwide expansion of event information

TAB has been providing information on 500 exhibitions and events per month, mainly in and around Tokyo, but from now on, we will expand the number of events listed to the entire country, allowing you to browse and search for information on exhibitions and events throughout Japan. We will continue to promote the nationwide expansion of the site and support you in making your outings to enjoy art and design an even more fulfilling experience.

(3) More exhibition reports, interviews, columns, and videos

We have expanded our news and articles. TAB will feature reports on the highlights of noteworthy exhibitions, interviews with artists, columns and essays by experts, news, and more, bringing you closer to the cutting edge of art, design, and culture.

New Logo!

Tokyo Art Beat's trademark pink square logo has been redesigned for the first time since its inception in 2004. The square is now a cube, and by adding a dot to each side, a heptagon is created. The gradation of shapes and colors represents the diversity of people's thoughts and interpretations of art, as well as the expansion of Tokyo Art Beat to the next stage.
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Completely renewed app

Since its release in 2010, the iPhone app has become a favorite for art outings with functions such as popular events, the latest news, neighborhood search, and the "MuPon" exhibition discount service. For more information on the free functions and functions for subscription members, please refer to the app introduction page "The Definitive Art App! Tokyo Art Beat App Renewed and Now Available Nationwide".

Making art more accessible and deeper

We want people to rediscover the appeal of art and enjoy it as a part of their lifestyle, whether they are artists, viewers, galleries, or museums. It is with this in mind that Art Beat Inc. runs Tokyo Art Beat. We want to make art more accessible and more profound. Please look forward to the new Tokyo Art Beat!

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