Posted:Jun 26, 2007

Toshio Iguchi Exhibition

In his exhibition at Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Toshio Iguchi has installed 5 different works in which he has created “gaps that thread the different worlds existing in ‘me’ and ‘you’.”

Crafted with stainless steel sheets and tracing paper that have been cut up like a fishing net, the works form many different cell-like shapes that contain “a deep world of gradation in which one’s self echoes like one’s reflection in a mirror”. Like a silent mirage of the sea, the 380 x 110cm installation makes viewers question the distinctions they make between ‘boundaries’ and ‘links’ in the space.

For the Collaborative Performance for the Celebration of Artsdepot’s 2nd Anniversary, which is being shown on a TV set in the gallery, 4 artists and Iguchi choreographed movements that resemble flowing water, shrinking and expanding in the space, creating a time and space in which viewers could be calm and meditate.

His work brings out the qualities of shadows: The Bottom of the Gap, another installation crafted out of layers of styrene board and tracing paper, creates mysterious circler spaces, revealing the richness of shadow. The shadows in Additional Small Etceteras are delicate strands, resembling the veins of internal organs. Working with 5 acrylic cubes and tracing paper, he expresses the harmony of the human body, thought and meditation,.

This exhibition captures the tenderness and sharpness of the human quest and contemplation of who we are. “When small capricious events cross and synchronize, the moment turns into eternity and becomes the universal space that reaches every corner of the world.” In appreciating his installation, I started to become more engaged with gaps and shadows, the minor spaces that I used to regard as unimportant. Iguchi’s installation offers an alternative idea and comfortable space where viewers can meditate, separated from common, everyday events.

Meg Kaizu

Meg Kaizu

Meg studied Art and Arts Management in Eugene Oregon. In addition to Tokyo Art Beat, her articles have appeared in magazines such as Being A Broad, Metropolis, PingMag and Whitehot Magazine. You can contact her at: mkaizu [at] gmail [dot] com