Posted:Dec 2, 2022

Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton Take Over Tokyo

Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton artworks and AR experiences are on view at Tokyo Tower, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Shinjuku, and other landmarks.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing Ⓒ LOUIS VUITTON / DAICI ANO

Experience Kusama World through AR x Installations

After ten years, Louis Vuitton is once again collaborating with contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama to create a new collection of bags, shoes, accessories, fragrances, and more. The campaign will launch in Japan and China on January 1, 2023, and on January 6, 2023, worldwide. Pre-launch events have already started at various locations in Tokyo.

Installation in front of Tokyo Station Ⓒ LOUIS VUITTON / DAICI ANO

Look up when you are passing through Shinjuku next time - Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton trunks decorated with polka dots appear on the 3D screen near the East exit of Shinjuku station (Dates: November 29 - December 7, 2022; Hours: 07:00 - 25:00).

The collaboration also hijacks the Shibuya station area, including the famous Scramble Crossing (Dates: November 29 - December 15, 2022, Hours: 9:00 - 24:00).

Shibuya Scramble Crossing Ⓒ LOUIS VUITTON / DAICI ANO

If you are visiting Tokyo Tower, look for Louis Vuitton logo installations at Shiba Park (Dates: November 30 - December 29, 2022; Hours: 8:00 - 22:00).

Installation at Prince Shiba Park Ⓒ LOUIS VUITTON / DAICI ANO

Kusama's works will be on display in Tokyo during the first half of December, including a polka dot skating rink in front of Tokyo Station (Dates: November 30 - December 25, 2022; Hours: 11:00-22:00).

Visitors can also experience the works through AR by scanning the QR codes and allowing Kusama World to hijack the virtual space. The event information and details on collaboration can be found on the official website.

[Updated on December 20]

Tokyo Tower light-up event will be held from December 23 to December 25, 2022.

Tokyo Tower with Yayoi Kusama colors and the Louis Vuitton logo Ⓒ LOUIS VUITTON / DAICI ANO

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