Posted:Oct 18, 2008

Yokohama Triennale 2008: Aki Sasamoto

NY-based artist Aki Sasamoto explains her exploration of memory, daily life and habit through performance and installation art.

Filmed by Yelena Gluzman, interview by Yelena Gluzman and You Nakai.

Yelena Gluzman

Yelena Gluzman

Yelena Gluzman is a theater artist. She makes full-scale performance works with her company <a href="">Science Project</a>, in Tokyo and abroad. She is a freelance videographer and teaches scientific writing at Tokyo University. Soon, she will be the co-director of the Corpo Plumhill Playhouse, a make-shift theater/conference room/exhibition space/publishing hut/secret bar/alienation center/screening room/library near Shimokitazawa. Contact her at: yelenagluzman [at] gmail [dot] com