Mariko Mori "Tom Na H-iu"

SCAI The Bathhouse


Mariko Mori
"Tom Na H-iu" is a place where souls waited to pass onto their next life in ancient Celts lore. The "standing stones" that were built according to these ancient myths inspired Mariko Mori to create a present day monument signaling life and death.
The piece is 3m tall, and made from glass. Mori's Tom Ha H-iu captures the death of stars and indicates its rebirth. This is realized by a computer connected to Super-Kamioka Neutrino Detection Experiment (Super-Kamiokande) that catches the light that stars generate when they die. The piece interacts with the incoming signals to radiate a new ray.


Apr 21 (Fri) 2006-Jun 3 (Sat) 2006 

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Monday, Sunday, Holidays
VenueSCAI The Bathhouse
LocationKashiwayu-Ato, 6-1-23 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001
Access6 minute walk from the South exit of Nippori Station on the Nippori-Toneri Liner, JR or Keisei line., 10 minute walk from exit 1 at Nezu Station on the Chiyoda line.
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