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33rd Ihei Kimura Photography Award Exhibition

Konica Minolta Plaza


Atsushi Okada, Lieko Shiga
The Ihei Kimura Photography Prize was created by Asahi Shimbun in honor of Ihei Kimura, a prominent contributor to the development of photography in Japan since the pre-war period. Since 1975 it has been a landmark honor in the field of photography. Focusing mostly on fledgling photographers with impressive portfolios, the Prize has since nurtured many promising and up-and-coming photographers who have gone on to wide international acclaim. Since 2004 (the 29th edition of the Prize), Konica Minolta Plaza has hosted exhibitions of the prizewinning work. The recipients of this year's 33rd Ihei Kimura Prize are Atsushi Okada for "I am", and Lieko Shiga for "Canary" and "Lilly".

Through his images, Okada pursues though-provoking and sincere inquiries into human life, reflecting in his work the hidden depth of today's young generation. This exhibition about 50 portraits of readers of Okada's work, as well as people who have supported his work over the years. Faces, nudes, as well as wrists that bear the traces of masochistic self-wounding will be on display. These images are a testament to the hidden demons of modern society and the particular zeitgeist embraced by today's youth. Taking such social problems as their subject, these photographs deliver an unflinching, strong and direct message.

Lieko Shiga attended art school in London, where she continues to be based. Her award-winning series "Canary" goes on a photographic trail of places in Sendai, Australia and Singapore, tracing locations mentioned in answers posed to people living in these places. "Lilly" takes as its subject the residents of London's public housing projects. This photo collection comprises images that were created by photographing the original prints themselves. By transcending the original style of expression in the initial photo print, these works have an overwhelming visual pull about them.


Apr 19 (Sat) 2008-Apr 28 (Mon) 2008 

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Last day until 15:00 only.
VenueKonica Minolta Plaza
LocationShinjuku Takano Bldg. 4F, 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Access1 minute walk from East exit of Shinjuku Station
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