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"Live Art Speed Date / LASD Tokyo"

Super Deluxe


Stoke Newington International Airport
Stoke Newington International Airport is a venue-based artist collective based in east London. They create experimental theatre and present a wide programme of live art, spoken word, avant-garde music and theatre.

Live Art Speed Dating is an innovative exploration into intimate experiences between artist and audience. In a vibrant fairground atmosphere with live music, private encounters between artist and audience occur in booths, across tables and in dark corners. Up to twenty performing artists, in person and via satellite link up create four-minute-long ‘dates’ for their guests.

In a tightly choreographed evening, the audience is encouraged to participate in ‘dating’ but also have the option to engage with each other in playful interactions including auto-dates and screen-tests as an examination of our private behaviours. The audience is entertained throughout the evening by the MC and roaming performers.


Mar 2 (Tue) 2010-Mar 3 (Wed) 2010 

Opening Hours Information

Doors open 19:30
Fee¥2000 (1 drink included)
VenueSuper Deluxe
Location3-1-25-B1F Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031
Access5 minutes walk toward Nishi-Azabu on Roppongi dori from Roppongi station on the Hibiya line.
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