[Image: Sachiko Kazama, water-soluble pen, oil-based lacquer, aluminum foil, fusuma, 117x337 cm]

Sachiko Kazama “Dyslympia 2680”

Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels


Sachiko Kazama
With humor and sharp social critiques, Sachiko Kazama creates manga-style woodblock prints based on her own extensive research, depicting the present and future in connection to dark parts of history. In Dyslympia 2680, she presents new work including her largest woodblock print to date, a print 2.4 meters high and 6.4 meters long that imagines a dystopic nation of eugenic ideals. This work is the result of Kazama’s four years of research into the prewar era.

1940, the 2600th year of the Japanese Imperial Era, was also when the National Eugenic Law was established and a year the Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Tokyo. The city will in fact host the Olympics 80 years later, in 2020. Provoking thought on nationalistic events of the past and future, Kazama’s prints portray a fictional dystopic city with Opening Ceremonies held at a confusion-riddled stadium during “Dyslympia 2680,” an Olympics of the not-so-distant future. These images filled with humor and irony etch out a hell of Human Selection and a celebrated Supremacy of Fitness.

Talk “The Past and the Future – On the Olympics of Illusion”
Speakers: Sachiko Kazama and Ayumu Yasutomi (University of Tokyo Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia Professor)
Date: June 9 (Sat) from 2:15 p.m.
In Japanese. Please see the official website for details.


Apr 28 (Sat) 2018-Jul 8 (Sun) 2018 

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