Im Men "Fulfill"

Issey Miyake Ginza | Cube
5 more days
This season, Im Men has embarked on an endeavor to explore the relationship between people and fabric by challenging themselves to create designs where every piece of fabric has a purpose, leaving no leftover material. While advancements in technology have transformed leftover fabric into recyclable resources, it remains a source of significant conflict, presenting challenges that require ingenuity, creativity, and determination to overcome. "When every cut piece is picked up, no fabric remains." If such manufacturing practices can be achieved in the modern age, they have the potential to inspire hope in many people. There is a unique beauty that can only emerge from such a stance.

In the exhibition "Fulfill," visitors will have the opportunity to explore the background of the design process undertaken by the Im Men team in response to the theme of using fabric to its fullest extent. Through models, sketches, and interviews with team members, this exhibition will showcase the process through which new designs emerged from various approaches.


Now in session

Mar 1 (Fri) 2024-May 28 (Tue) 2024 5 days left

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VenueIssey Miyake Ginza | Cube
Location4-4-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Access1 minute walk from exit B2 at Ginza Station on the Ginza, Marunouchi and Hibiya lines.
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