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[Image: Lee Chounhwan "Light + Grain #73" (2023) Mixed media on canvas 116.8 x 91.0cm]

Instead of a Result, A Process

M5 Gallery


Lee Chounhwan, Hong Soun, Hong Seongjoon, Phee Jungwon
Featuring four cross-generational Korean Artists- Lee Chounhwan, Hong Soun, Hong Seongjoon, and Phee Jungwon- the show delves into the core relationship between the artists’ subject of investigation, and how its presence influences, determines, and transforms the practice of pictorial and sculptural rendering.

Historically, in Korean art, the role of gesture and method has held significant importance in artistic practice, becoming indexical of the wider motifs that inform the making of art itself, blending them in that specific moment in which the brush touches the canvas, or the hands mold or assemble the sculpture. This processual element becomes the focal point of investigation for the understanding of the four artists presented, all developing a specific style profoundly iterative in its conversation with the semantic field it expresses.

Deriving from Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic investigation of the artwork and its ability to convey at once the real, the symbolic, and the imaginary realms, this exhibition aims to portray how the gestural process, serving as a door to such fields of inquiry, has enabled the artists to manifest their complex cosmologies into various degrees of abstraction, alteration, sublimation, accumulation, and synthesis.


Jun 14 (Wed) 2023-Jun 20 (Tue) 2023 

Opening Hours Information

Sunday, Monday, Holidays
VenueM5 Gallery
Location1F Shin Yurakucho Bldg., 1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006
AccessDirect walk from exit D2 at Yurakucho Station on the Yurakucho line, 1 minute walk from the Central West exit of Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku lines, 2 minute walk from exit B1 at Hibiya Station on the Toei Mita line.
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