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Motivated Bodies

Komagome Soko


Fumimaro Ayano, Kaho Hayakawa, Chaelin Joen, Rin Takahashi, Natalie Tsyu, Yuto Yonemura
The group show "Motivated Bodies," featuring works by Fumimaro Ayano, Rin Takahashi, Chaelin Joen, Natalie Tsyu, Kaho Hayakawa, and Yuto Yonemura, will be held at Komagome Soko.

The term "Motivated" is not precisely defined scientifically or academically, despite being primarily used in psychology. It remains an abstract signifier. However, in contemporary society, having motivation is often associated with having a high level of consciousness and striving for a better lifestyle. It is regarded as something everyone should aspire to. In modern times, being more affluent is seen as virtuous, and people relentlessly pursue better homes, clothes, cars, and food, reflecting the ethos of capitalism and its pursuit of endless growth. Furthermore, within this mindset, there is a focus on practices aimed at being healthier and living longer, sometimes resorting to unscientific methods or baseless beliefs. Having motivation is also highly demanded in our daily lives, as being socially productive is considered an absolute value, while lack of motivation, or being "unmotivated," is seen as a social ill. Being motivated is perceived as a kind of coercive thinking within this binary opposition, and it often masquerades as a universal value.

However, having motivation is not inherently suspicious. In the realm of art, while inspiration may initiate the creative process, it is motivation that sustains it. A kind of sustained enthusiasm driven by intrinsic motivation serves as the driving force to accomplish something.

In the title of this exhibition, "bodies" does not merely refer to physical bodies but can also be used to denote an entire organization or conceptual entity. In this context, "motivated bodies" might be translated as "entities with motivation." Additionally, "bodies" can refer to the works themselves. What is the motivation behind the works, and what role does the artwork, often perceived as passive, play?


Mar 30 (Sat) 2024-Apr 21 (Sun) 2024 

Opening Hours Information

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Opening Reception Mar 30 (Sat) 2024 16:00 - 18:00

VenueKomagome Soko
Location2-14-2 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 173-0003
Access2 minute walk from the East exit of Komagome Station on the JR Yamanote line, 2 minute walk from exit 4 at Komagome Station on the Namboku line.
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