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Tokyo Biennale 2023 Create Linkage

Etoile Kaito Living Pavilion
Held every two years, the Tokyo Biennale is an international art festival that sets the city of Tokyo as its main stage. The festival aims to dig deep into the city, as it is created together with the area’s local citizens and a wide variety of artists and creators from around the world.

Tokyo Biennale 2023: Create Linkage aims to capture the “linkages” between us and our surroundings. Places, time, people, microorganisms, plants, events, objects, information—we live in a world where everything is intricately interrelated and ever-changing. Tokyo, in particular, is a society interwoven by extremely dense relationships.

How can we make new connections with Tokyo's history, culture, and communities and with the people who support them? How can we create new connections? How can we strengthen and deepen connections? One of the social roles of art today may be its ability to relate to the social environment from unrestricted perspectives. Tokyo Biennale 2023 aims to be a place where participants and visitors can find their own “linkages” based on art’s power to connect, enabling new connections to emerge and expand.

Venue: Across the 4 wards – Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Bunkyo City, and Taito City – of the Northeastern area of central Tokyo. Historical architecture, Public place schools, Rooftop of shops, Idle facilities (both indoor and outdoor).


Sep 23 (Sat) 2023-Nov 5 (Sun) 2023 

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VenueEtoile Kaito Living Pavilion
Location1-15-15 Higashi Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0031
Access2 minute walk from exit 4 at Bakurocho Station on the JR Sobu line, 6 minute walk from exit A1 at Bakuro-yokoyama Station on the Toei Shinjuku line.
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