101Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair Launches

2008 sees Tokyo’s first satellite art fair established, showcasing all-contemporary galleries from Japan and abroad.

poster for 101Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2008

101Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2008

at 3331 Arts Chiyoda
in the Chiyoda area
This event has ended - (2008-04-03 - 2008-04-06)

In Photo Reports by Ashley Rawlings 2008-04-05

101Tokyo is taking place in the former Rensei Chugakko Junior High School in Akihabara.

Unlike typical art fairs structured around aisles, where visitors often end up walking past gallery booths without venturing in, 101Tokyo has been set up as a grid of interconnected booths that visitors have to walk through.The model for the Bacon Prize (life-sized and named after curator Johnnie Walker's massive Hungarian born Irish Wolfhound) to be awarded to an artist represented at the fair on April 6

Jeffrey and Misako Rosen from Misako & Rosen (Tokyo) in front of a work by Maya Hewitt.

Foil Gallery (Tokyo) is showing works by Syoin Kaji, Rinko Kawauchi and Jun Tsunoda.

Half of the 28 galleries participating in 101Tokyo are from abroad. Annette Thomas and Alexandra Saheb from Galerie Alexandra Saheb (Berlin) are showing work by Heiko Blankenstein.

Workplace Gallery (Newcastle, UK) is showing Jo Coupe's 'Enough Rope'. This pile of decaying fruit is studded with electrodes and is supposedly generating its own electricity. Small motorized buzz-saws are wired up to it, gradually cutting away at the table legs.Looking through Megumi Ogita Gallery's booth (Tokyo) into Gallery Naruyama's booth (Tokyo), where paintings by Toru Kamei, Fuyuko Matsui and Yoshimasa Tsuchiya are on display.

Kosuke Fujitaka, one of the co-founders of 101Tokyo, with Tomoko Aratani of Arataniurano (Tokyo), which is showing paintings by Yoichi Umetsu.

Mikami Zenshi standing on the right, owner of Zenshi (Tokyo), is showing work by Masaki Kishimoto.

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