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The Tokyo Art Beat app shows the latest news and articles, plus more than 5000 events listed yearly.
It also includes “MuPon” museum coupons

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News / Articles

Find out what's happening with the art scene in Japan and abroad. Read news and articles on Tokyo Art Beat.


Display nearby and current events with the map feature.
Maybe there’s a venue you can drop in on?

Paid memberships make going to museums more convenient.

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"MuPon" (museum coupon) event discounts

Get discounts on events in Tokyo and the Kanto area


"Bookmark" events you want to go to

Bookmark events you are interested in and save to My list


"Went" lets you look back on past events

Save Went events to Mylist and look back at them by year



Follow favorite museums and galleries. The TAB app will notify you of current events.


Turn on "Notifications" and never miss events

Receive Notificaitons about Followed venues and Bookmarked events.


Use "Search by Keywords" to get better results

Search all events by artist, venue, and event title

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Oct 31, 2021

App revenue is used for the operation of Tokyo Art Beat
to make our services even better

  • Continuous service development, maintenance, and security measures associated with OS updates
  • Feature development and usability improvement of website and website and app
  • Labor cost for editing event information & articles, translation, operation, rent, etc.
  • Server cost including data backups