Posted:Apr 29, 2008

Help wanted! New York Art Beat

Do you love NY and TAB? Here you go.


Since the creation of the original Tokyo Art Beat site in 2004, our international team has strived to realize the dream of making the art and design world more fun, more diverse and more accessible to all. With TAB now being a leading source for Tokyo, and KAB putting the Kansai Scene under the spotlight, it’s time for the New Yorkers in our team to bring that dream back home and build nyartbeat, the definitive art&design guide for the Big Apple.

We are now in the process of building up a team of superheroes, staff and volunteers to take on the megalopolis starting at the end of March, and we would like *you* to join in and help making NYAB a success.

In particular, we are looking for

* Great people to work with us:
– an editor to manage information on the art and design scene,
– writers with a twist, sense and taste
– a master cat herder to serve as editor in chief of the NYABlog online mag
– pro-bono legal support
* an office space to put all those people. Wifi a must, penthouse with a view on central park a plus.
* a server hosting partner to store and move those megabytes of goodness
* financial and moral support to kick all this into action

Think you can help? write to us at
… and tell your friends
… and tell your friends to tell their friends


Kosuke Fujitaka

Kosuke Fujitaka

Born in 1978 in Osaka. Graduated with BA in Economics from The University of Tokyo. He tackled with excel and power point in Sony Ericsson R&amp;D cost controlling and Marketing for 3 years. In 2004 He launched Tokyo Art Beat with Paul and Olivier. In 2008 He moved back to NY, where a decade ago he had come across many important life elements, and has just launched NY Art Beat. He is also a co-founder of <a href="">101 TOKYO</a>, a young and international art fair in Tokyo happening in every April. He thinks that "art" leveraged by IT, wines and beers can make the world a better place. <a href="">Personal page as NY art guide</a> (only in Japanese)