Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena

At the Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena, we would like to disseminate information to the world about the towns and culture of Ena by collecting, storing, and researching Utagawa Hiroshige's ukiyoe prints as well as displaying them to the general public. We also work on various educational activities to promote local art and culture, including the hosting of lectures regarding ukiyoe and Utagawa Hiroshige.

Together with these activities, we work toward the development of independent and proactive activities and a town of cooperation with the people utilizing the highway culture of the Nakasendo road.

At this museum we house about 1,500 pieces of art focusing on ukiyoe, hosting project exhibitions and special exhibitions throughout the year as well. We are especially proud of our "Nakasendo Rokujukyu-tsugi Nouchi" (Tanaka collection), which includes the "Nakatsugawa in the Rain". There is also a popular video corner on the 2nd floor Ukiyoe Navigation Room where you can try overprinting and learn about the process of making ukiyoe.





Disabled access

CollectionsHiroshige Utagawa, Toyokuni Utagawa, Kiyokata Kaburaki, Takanori Ogisu, Shunsen Natori, Émile Gallé
Closed on Monday
Open on a public holiday Monday but closed on the following day.
Open on public holidays but closed on the following day.
Closed during the New Year holidays.
FeeAdults ¥520 [Special Exhibition] Adults ¥820; Under Age 19, Persons with Disability Certificates + 1 Companion free.

Location: 176-1 Oi-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu 509-7201



4 minute walk from Ena Station on the JR Chuo Main line.