Takeshi Tamai "Gravity Tortoise"


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Tamai's creative process derives from his direct contact with nature. Nature never ceases to change its appearance, just like waves in the ocean, at times prompting an emotive experience similar to that induced by a beautiful landscape, while other times becoming a sort of menace to humans. A fence soaring on top of a rocky mountain. A sword stuck deep in a snow-crested mountain. Tamai has attempted to portray nature, simply revealed to the viewer, as well as nature in relation to humans, mainly in his photography work. By capturing nature without relying too much on equipment, and sometimes even without looking through a viewfinder, Tamai takes photographs with a sort of flat, inorganic mood that avoids reflecting his own emotions.

This time, Tamai is exhibiting painted pieces that he has been working on since last year. These installations are composed of architectural materials on canvases in abstract arrangements that are layered repeatedly and combined. With its peculiar forms that derive from the workings of nature, his pictorial surface seems to act of its own accord, leaving behind its author's intentions. Fragmented image of lines and birds added onto the picture plane are perhaps a symbolic representation of humans that survive in the midst of a world in constant flux.



From 2008-11-18 To 2008-12-20


Takeshi Tamai



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