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Ami Clarke is an artist whose practice often involves working with appropriated material. During extensive periods of research she responds to the material she finds mindful of the contributory factors of where and how the material she is drawn to is found.

Treating the collection of appropriated footage in a way more akin to a research project, the film: "Be Seeing You" explores the multiple perspectives afforded by film technology, and touches on relations between the audience and projected image.

The immersive environment creates a visual equivalent of certain kinds of auditory stimulation, an aural world, as M. McLuhan noted "the ear favours no particular "point of view"... "we are all enveloped by sound".

The emphasis on an experiential encounter with video that speaks perhaps of an authentic physiological experience whilst viewing, is complicated by the slippage that occurs between audio and visual affects, and the relentlessly hypnotic affect of the pulsing light.

The humour in the repeated 'takes', suggests a multitude of possibilities.

"Humour as a system of communications and as a problem of our environment - of what’s really going on ... does not deal in theory, but in immediate experience, and is often the best guide to changing perceptions. Older societies thrived on purely literary plots. They demanded story lines. Today’s humour, on the contrary, has no story line - no sequence. It is usually a compressed overlay of stories."

In a separate work she considers Julian Assange’s comments in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, where the affect of data/news being deleted from the internet, without anyone really noticing it has happened, is described as 'un-publishing'. In this way what was understood, briefly, as 'news', simply disappears.

The publication takes the premise of 'unaccountability' relating to the data stream found in this way on the internet, and more generally, the way in which there can be little certainty re data management, with the advent of digital media, to exact a broad license with the content material in her own artists publication, a 16-page text and visual work, free to take away from the exhibition.

Assange mentions that perhaps it is less difficult in the traditional print media of newspapers, to vanish away such unwanted news, as its material form will potentially still exist with a broad distribution of the paper.



From 2012-01-23 To 2012-04-09

Opening Reception on 2012-01-23 from 19:30 to 21:30


Ami Clarke



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