Takuro Kuwata “Tee Bowl”

Kosaku Kanechika

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[Image: Takuro Kuwata "Tee Bowl" (2021) ©2021 Takuro Kuwata]

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Takuro Kuwata has captivated a global audience through solo exhibitions throughout the world in major cities such as Tokyo, New York, London, and Brussels. Adorned with vivid hues and metallic glazes, his unforgettable works are very distinctive while still incorporating traditional Japanese ceramic techniques such as ‘kairagi’ and ‘ishihaze’. Though deeply rooted in ceramic tradition, Kuwata’s novel visual language retains a critical eye, broadening his artistic horizons through intensive dialogue with material and a contemporary perspective. It is precisely for these reasons that Kuwata’s works are celebrated on an international level, and also serve as an influential source of inspiration for creators in various artistic fields.

Kuwata’s practice in recent years can be categorized into two different types of process. One involves a routine in which the same process is repeated to the point that it becomes effortless and second nature, and spontaneously triggers something new. The other type of process is a more conceptually based attempt in which Kuwata actively endeavors to discover something new by trying a variety of different methods, even if they are likely to end in failure.

Historically speaking, new frontiers have been opened up and intellectual sophistication improved through the intensive pursuit of artistic techniques, as happened when painting evolved from portraiture to abstraction and ceramic art evolved from the tea bowl to sculpture. The same can be said for Kuwata’s creative process, in which he masters ceramic techniques through thorough investigation. His experiments, which sometimes even negate previous developments, make possible new growth. Kuwata seeks to expose his audience to this newfound territory, using his work as the medium of communication.

Today, with all of society seemingly at the point of exhaustion, Kuwata’s unwavering creativity is a stimulating source of energy for viewers. This exhibition introduces 15 new works, including sculptures derived from the tea bowl, presenting each work so as to give viewers a sense of the creative process used in its production.



from July 17, 2021 to August 21, 2021


Takuro Kuwata



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